Do you ever have the feeling you are looking for something – an “elusive something” perhaps something that feels like a “stolen treat” or just to cushion yourself from the world & wrap yourself in luxury for a day or two?

I think we all do don’t we?

From the luxurious  down duvet and pillows to the Coffee Connoisseur nespresso dream machine – Mmm – pure indulgence.

Haven bedroom
Haven en suite

Throw in a gorgeous ensuite wet room, amazing sea view and private relaxing and stargazing balcony and we think we have the recipe just right for a little bit of self indulgence! So, if the wind just kind of pushes you this way – we would love to see you.

Complimentary breakfast is served to your room with a choice of Traditional Northumbrian Stottie stuffed with bacon or local sausage. You may prefer a selection of warm pastries & preserves, a vegetarian option or a selection of fresh fruit.


10.0 Rated by Guests

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